Simply Redirecting Services...

Do you want SUBDOMAIN??
if you don't want Redirect be like Http:// . now you have other choice
http://youname.Ping.TO/ SUBDOMAIN.

1.How much does it cost to register an Ping.TO SUBDOMAIN?
Registration of a SUBDOMAIN and email forwarding at Ping.TO SUBDOMAIN costs
US$30 for 1 year, US$53.55 for 2 years and US$70 years.

2.What is URL forwarding? Does Ping.TO Domains provide URL forwarding?
URL forwarding is when you use one domain to point and redirect to another domain
. For instance if you just bought an Ping.TO domain such as you
can make it forward to a site that you already have(i.e. http://members.mywebsite, so when people type your Ping.TO domain they will actually be
taken to your old address. You can use your Ping.TO domain as a URL forwarding
domain (to do this just follow the steps outlined below). The are several advantages
in using URL forwarding: .Page title not only "Ping.TO Redirect URL" can custom
any word you want

3. What is email forwarding?
Email forwarding, like URL forwarding serves to redirect any message sent to Ping.TO
 email to an email of your choice (the email by default is the one you used to register)
Email forwarding (i.e. => yourname@yourname.Ping.TO)
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