Simply Redirecting Services...

redirecting services
Usually when you run a site your URL will look like http://www. If you are a home-user or own a small company this
may be too expensive so your current URL most likely looks like! Needless to
say, such a URL is difficult to remember, doesn't look nice and
you probably will lose many many visitors! We can offer you a
Redirect-URL that will be easy to remember and does look cool!
You keep your current service provider and current URL, which
will be the Target-URL. Your website "http://members.provider.
com/homepages/~name" will be accessible through "http://ping
.to/name" However your website will remain at your provider.
We just ensure that when someone enters in his
or her browser he or she will automatically be redirected to
your site. Because of our "URL Hiding" function nobody will
notice that it's only a redirecting URL. Your visitors will only
see your new redirecting URL while they're redirected
to the "real" URL! Of course everybody can keep using your
current URL, but once they experience the ease of your new
Redirect URL, nobody will!!!

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